Central States Alfalfa




Alfalfa hay is available in Large Square and Round bales of all grades of quality.


• Premium Grade             This is the highest grade of all hay                                                                                               185+RFV and 22% Protein Minimum

• # 1 Alfalfa                         This is a great supplement hay for “cow/calf” or “Fresh Cows”                                170-184RFV and 21% Protein Minimum

• # 2 Alfalfa                         This is our top seller due to the quality and the diversity in rations1                  50-169RFV and 20% Protein Minimum

Cow Comfort, Fiber, filler, and stretching other forages is a great way to keep operations efficient. We have many “Feed Hays” available as WE are a Full Service Forage Provider.“All feed hay is tested for nitrates in the bale form”


• Straw Feed or Bedding                     All grown and baled in the Wheat State of Kansas

• Grass Hay (Prairie or Brome)      Great low potassium hay for close-up’s (Average 7-9%)

• Milo Feed Hay                                        Great Fiber and good Protein (Average 7-9%)

• Sudan Feed hay                                     Great energy hay and good Protein (Average 9-12%)

• Corn Stalks                                             Great filler, fiber, and will stretch your silage or haylage pile


We work directly with a National pellet mill in Central Kansas. All hay is tested for Protein, mold and moisture before shipped to the mill. The Pellets are a beautiful green and stays together due to the process and time that is dedicated to making a great pellet. All pellets are 100% sun cured alfalfa. The finished Pellet is then tested for the final completion of this great supplement.

• Alfalfa PelletsSun cured with a choice of a 15% or 17% protein pellet